LATEST MOVIES: Halloween fans will be “Very, very happy with new sequel”

I don’t think there has ever been so much pressure on a Halloween film before.  If we were talking about a straight to DVD offering, then every fan would be excited about the upcoming film and if it was a brand new sequel, with a new cast and characters, again, fans will be delighted.

The fact Halloween 2018 which has finished filming and has brought back not only Jamie Lee Curtis, the original Michael Myers in the shape of Nick Castle, along with John Carpenter in a creative role, then fans are nervous that this will do the franchise justice.  Especially as they are ignoring every sequel since the original, a decision that has split the fan base, with many thrilled that Resurrection has been banished, but then angry that the rather excellent Halloween II has gone the same way.

Christopher Nelson who has worked on the new film as one of the special effects artists, has assured fans that they are in for a treat.

“I think honestly, if you’re a real Halloween fan, you are going to be very, very happy. I think it’s going to be super cool, You’ve got to let the comparisons go and let Halloween live and be mysterious.”

“The day when we first had The Shape in the mask, literally [director] David Gordon Green and I looked at each other and we had tears welling up in our eyes. It was such a moment I was just filled with so much happiness and joy at how it looked and how it was shot. And those moments continued throughout shooting. There were moments where I just got goose bumps, because I’m sitting there looking at The Shape. There it is, and it looks killer. (laughs) And it’s Michael Myers.”

Castle’s involvement is apparently a cameo with James Jude Courtney doing most of the Myers work.  As of yet there has been no single scene released and fans are awaiting for news of a trailer, so if you have seen that trailer going around Social Media, then yes it looks great and may get you excited, but its nothing more than a fake and hopefully we will bring you the actual one very soon.


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