Latest News: Which DC and Marvel villain would Nic Cage love to play?

Having starred in both Ghost Rider sequels and of course Kick Ass, you would think Nicolas Cage would have had enough of being in a Superhero film.  But with most actors these days jumping on the Marvel and DC movie universe, Cage has admitted there are two villains that he would love to play.

“I mean, I think my comic book days are kind of… I’m on to other things, but I always thought I’d make a great Joker and I always thought that I would’ve been a good villain in one of the Marvel [movies] like Doctor Doom. But, Doctor Doom you have to wear that mask, but I thought the story leading up to Doctor Doom could’ve been interesting. At this point if I was to go back into the format it would probably have to be as a villain

With Joaquin Phoenix currently being linked to the Joker Origin movie that is currently being written, we taking a guess here that the chances of Cage ever becoming Batman’s greatest nemesis is virtually at zero, but we can not help but think how good he would have been.

Once again as shown in the recent horror Mom and Dad, Cage always excels when he plays a crazed character but much like the infamous Superman film that never was, we guess his time has passed.

Todd Phillips is currently working on the JOKER  script with 8 Mile‘s Scott Silver.


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