Is Horror Movie ‘A Quiet Place’ Worth Watching?

Horror movies are an appealing genre for many who are seeking a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, many of the horror movies that are created today have a poor storyline or poor acting. There is one movie that is noteworthy and that is A Quiet Place. This horror film has received a five star rating and is known to offer an edge-of-the-seat viewing experience. With this modern horror thriller, viewers will love the characters and will find the plot of the film to be engaging and enjoyable.

This new release can be viewed in local cinemas now and it has been a huge hit since it hit the screen in April of 2018. The movie is rated PG-13 and contains bloody images and terror. Classified as a drama, mystery, horror and suspense film, A Quiet Place will surely deliver all of these things. The film was created by Paramount Pictures and offers 90 minutes of endless action and excitement.

Rave Reviews

It is not often that newly released horror movies have stellar reviews, but A Quiet Place has surprised critics and has been a huge success on the silver screen. Critics have stated that the film is one of the most beautifully crafted horror genre films to date and that it will surely keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
Even the audience reviews have been amazing. Those who have headed out to local theatres have enjoyed this well crafted horror movie and while it is not flawless, it delivers the suspense, terror and excitement that many are seeking with new movie releases. The only thing that may be even more exciting that watching this release is to hit a massive jackpot at an online casino, such as one of the million dollar jackpots that can be won at Casumo.

A Brief Overview of A Quiet Place
The movie opens with a scene in a market, where all of the top shelves are bare and people are searching for food. Outside, viewers will quickly learn that the alien species has arrived and creatures are feeding on fresh human flesh. Those who have survived the alien attack now live in silence since these alien creatures have no sight and can only hunt by sound.

The story is about a family with three children who live on a farm and they have learned how to live off the land and stay safe from the invading aliens. Since one of the children is deaf, the family communicates only using sign language, so they are not a prey for the aliens that are wiping out the town.

The movie relies heavily on the effects of sound and viewers will find this to be one of the appealing elements of the movie that has made it a huge success. The movie has some amazing scenes and thrilling sequences. It is a note-perfect film that has a great fantasy theme. For 90 minutes, viewers will be captivated by the storyline. The idea of featuring blind creatures that can only hear is a novel one and it offers more tension that appeals to horror film fans. With incredible acting, an eerie setting and intense action, A Quiet Place has made it to the top of the charts and is deemed on of the greatest horror releases in past years.
Get ready to enjoy a thrilling experience with this film and watch as those who remain try to remain quite and stay out of harms way. One little sound can lead to complete terror, so tread lightly and whisper softly!