Well this is weird and I can’t say that I’m enthused by this news.

Even though he slipped a bit when he moved to the US except for the awesome Face Off, much of John Woo’s Hong Kong work is sublime action cinema in my view with The Killer and Hard Boiled being two of the greatest films ever made in the genre. But now ‘Deadline’ has reported that Woo and Universal Pictures are teaming up for a new take on The Killer, which Woo himself will be returning to direct. The script is by Erin Creevy based on an original draft by Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecke with Brian Helgeland being brought on to do some work on it.

Replacing Chow-Yun Fat in the leading role is Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o, playing the assassin who puts her own life on the line to save a woman whom she accidentally blinded in her last hit. No news yet who’s taking over Danny Lee’s part as the cop on his trail.


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