Whether you think this is good news probably depends on what you thought of Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake. ‘Arrow in the Head’ recently found a recording of an interview with Zombie from HDNet’s 13 Nights of Halloween, and during it he was asked which film he’d like to remake. His answer:

 “One thing I always thought was possible was to remake The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Because the creature itself, in that phenomenal suit they constructed, could be exactly the same. So I think Creature from the Black Lagoon could be a cool one”.

While not liking his Halloween much [though it improved a little on a second viewing], I do like the idea that, if he does get the chance to make this film, he wants to stick to the original suit which, with maybe a few modifications [and hopefully minimal CGI], should hold up pretty well today. But since October last year we’ve heard no more of this, and I think that the chances of it happening are minimal – but you never know.


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