The future of the Expendables franchise has seemed uncertain ever since The Expendables 3 flopped at the box office. Rumours surfaced about a new film being planned around a year ago, but then Sylvester Stallone fell out with the producers and that seemed to be the end of it….until now.

‘Deadline’ now reports¬†that Millennium Films has locked in Stallone to film not just Rambo 5 in September 2018, but also The Expendables 4 in early 2019. The company has also signed a deal with Chinese distributor Dadi which could basically be a co-financing agreement for both films – which makes sense as The Expendables 3 actually did rather well in China.

This series started pretty well, and can only go back up after that lousy third entry….though I wonder if anybody has been brave enough to say to Sly that maybe he’s getting a little old for all this action stuff….

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