The future of the Expendables franchise has seemed uncertain ever since The Expendables 3 flopped at the box office. Rumours surfaced about a new film being planned around a year ago, but then Sylvester Stallone fell out with the producers and that seemed to be the end of it….until now.

‘Deadline’ now reports that Millennium Films has locked in Stallone to film not just Rambo 5 in September 2018, but also The Expendables 4 in early 2019. The company has also signed a deal with Chinese distributor Dadi which could basically be a co-financing agreement for both films – which makes sense as The Expendables 3 actually did rather well in China.

This series started pretty well, and can only go back up after that lousy third entry….though I wonder if anybody has been brave enough to say to Sly that maybe he’s getting a little old for all this action stuff….

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