The Little Vampire (Vue Exclusive) – in Cinemas 25th May

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The Little Vampire is an animated film releasing this half term weekend exclusively at Vue cinemas. Rudolph isn’t your typical teen. Not only is he a thirteen year old vampire, but his whole family is being mercilessly hunted by the infamous vampire hunter, Rookery. Fortunately Rudolph encounters twelve year old Tony, a human with an otherworldly obsession – vampires. Rudolph takes Tony on his adventures in Transylvania, bringing their two families together and helping to overcome their prejudices. Along the way both vampires, and humans, must show courage and ingenuity in the face of impending danger.

As it’s an animated film aimed at a younger audience, it’s only fair that a younger person tell you whether it’s any good or not. So courtesy of my 6 year old, here’s the youngsters critical assessment of the gothic kids caper, in which a family of vampires are under threat from a pair of ruthless vampire hunters.

What did you think?

I thought it was very, very good!

What did you like about it?

The girl had magic powers and it’s cool that they can suck blood. And the vampire cow! Moooooo!

What did you make of the characters?

Good. Just good.

And what about the baddies?

BAD! (thumbs down)

Was there anything about it you didn’t like?

When the little vampire tried to attack the little boy, which was scary.

Did any of it make you laugh?

A cow did a poo and there was a man in his pants (giggles excessively). Vampires can fly!

After watching she asked if we could watch it again. It’s definitely one for the kids, and this little one certainly enjoyed it, and it’s great alternative for the youngsters instead of the same few blockbusters dominating the screens at the moment.

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