Just when we’d hoped that it was now well and truly dead, we hear that Universal Studios’ misbegotten “Dark Universe,“ an attempt to create a new cinematic universe out of the studio’s iconic monsters that pretty much failed right out of the gate with the poor reception to The Mummy, could still be alive despite some of the universe’s architects having bailed and the plug thankfully being pulled on the planned second film, a remake of the brilliant Bride of Frankenstein.

‘Bloody Disgusting’ reports of a recent Instagram post from artist Robert Vargas in which he says that he had a meeting last week with the Dark Universe team at the Universal offices, noting in the image caption that he’s “looking forward to contributing to the Universal Pictures legacy with my work”, and that “Monster things in the works.”

That’s a bit vague, but it does seem that Universal thinks it can turn things around. I can’t say that I share that viewpoint.

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