It was only two evenings ago when I decided to look through my DVD collection until I came to something I hadn’t seen in ages. I of course started off with ‘a’ and Arachnophobia was the one that I ended up pulling out and watching. And now ‘Deadline’ reports that a remake is coming of the 1990 Steven Spielberg-produced, Frank Marshall-directed horror-comedy about a species of South American killer spider that takes over a small town in California, and that James Wan will produce it but not direct.

Personally I would have preferred it if they were just making an unrelated film about spiders on the loose, rather than actually remaking an existing film that’s very good to boot. And few of these remakes end up matching the originals or being as popular – yet they still keep churning them out.

O well. It’s early days for this one anyway. They haven’t even found a writer yet, so it’ll be some time before we get any idea of what this version of Arachnophobia could be like.



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