Bloodshot Cast Revealed Ahead of a 2019 Release


In case you missed the news, it was announced a few months ago that a movie adaptation of Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot is in the works. Note that this film is in no way related to the 2013 movie of the same name and whose alternative title is In A Heartbeat. Reports reveal that Sony Pictures has signed a deal with action star Vin Diesel to play the lead role in the sci-fi/action flick. Meanwhile, Dave Wilson will helm the film, with writer Eric Heisserer of Arrival fame also onboard. Bloodshot is the first confirmed film in the planned expanded universe for Valiant, which will feature various characters embodying different genres and tones. As of this writing, the studio plans to develop five films in total.

Fast forward to recent news when more cast members have been revealed for the film. Eiza Gonzalez (Baby Driver), Michael Sheen, and Sam Heughan (Outlander) will be joining Bloodshot, according to a Variety exclusive. There are no details yet on their specific roles but we can expect to see these actors step up to the plate. Eiza Gonzalez recently landed a role alongside Michael Fassbender in the full feature sequel to the 2015 cult action comedy short Kung Fury. She will also appear in Alita: Battle Angel. Meanwhile, Sam Heughan, aside from future episodes of Outlander, will next be seen in the upcoming movie The Spy Who Dumped Me. Michael Sheen, who’s no stranger to movie franchises, has other big projects coming up as well, like the star-studded 2019 film The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.

Bloodshot tells the story of a former soldier who has gained the powers of regeneration, technomancy, and meta-morphing thanks to the nanites injected into his blood. Since his memory has been wiped out, the plot branches from his desire to get vengeance on whoever cursed his body. The upcoming film will reportedly have a similar tone to 1980s movies like Total Recall, Robocop, and Terminator.

Filming for Bloodshot will reportedly begin this July, but it seems the hype train has already started. For one thing, Vin Diesel has apparently requested comic book artist Lewis LaRosa to draw him as the titular character. The Valiant artist posted his work on Twitter before taking it down several hours later due to unknown reasons. He did promise, however, to post a better photo next week. It seems Vin Diesel himself is too excited to play the role. For the unfamiliar, Bloodshot’s iconic look is characterised by a large red circle on his chest. Aside from that, several other mediums that reference Bloodshot are already being marketed online to indirectly promote the film. Foxy Bingo hosts a variety of games based on popular franchises and Bloodshot happens to be one of them. The character is depicted in a similar manner as his comic book version, and the game’s cover art indicates action-packed gameplay. While it is not directly linked to the production of the movie, the game still introduces its audience to the character, thereby building interest for the comics and the film up until its release date.

Bloodshot is due for a release in 2019, which means there is ample time for people to get familiar with the comics and its enigmatic protagonist.

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