Re-watching the Friday The 13th movie series recently for my expanded feature only confirmed my memories of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday being something of a disaster. However, even its detractors like myself tend to agree that it does have one really good aspect – the formidable bounty hunter Creighton Duke played by Steven Williams. And now it seems that he may return – well, sort of. While making a guest appearance on the ‘Cinema Toast Crunchcast’ podcast, the film’s director Adam Marcus revealed that:

“I have a movie … that is a completely Creighton Duke-inspired movie. That we’re doing next year. I can tell you that I’m talking with Steven Williams about this. I’m dead serious about this movie. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. For me, that was the character that I gave a crap about. That’s the guy that I adore. And, I’m tellin’ ya, I have something up my sleeve that’s gonna knock people out.”

Note that Marcus describes it as a “Creighton Duke-inspired” movie, not simply a “Creighton Duke movie“. He wouldn’t have the rights to the Duke character, so Williams couldn’t play the Duke again – but he could probably play somebody with a different name who is very similar. And considering what’s been going on with Friday The 13th: The Game due to a dispute between Sean H. Cunningham and Victor Miller over the rights to the property, it could be the closest to anything even vaguely linked to Friday The 13th series we could be getting for some time.

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