While Tim Miller’s upcoming Terminator movie doesn’t yet have an official synopsis, we do know that it will continue from Terminator 2 and will ignore the other films, a wise choice in my opinion as they’re the only two films in the series I consider canon.

And it now seems that the events of Terminator film will be re-visited in the new film. Several websites reported last month that model /body builder Brett Azar, who had been the stand-in for the young Arnold Schwarzenegger for the scene in Terminator: Genisys where the older Arnie disrupts the beginning of The Terminator to battle his younger self. Azar provided the body, had been offered a role in the new entry in the new movie. And now, ‘Arrow In The Head’ have not long posted a tweet and a photograph posted on Twitter by Anthony G. Maurizio, which not only indicates that Azar will be repeating his duties but this time standing in for the Arnold of Terminator 2, but also that a young actor named Jude Collie will be a stand-in for Edward Furlong as the young John Connor and is even sporting the same haircut.

Will this episode right all the wrongs of Genisys? we will find out on the 22nd November this year!

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