Well I suppose if someone’s got to do it than I guess David Leitch is a good choice. Even though he also directed Deadpool 2, it was John Wick and Atomic Blonde which really showed that he had a great knack for action and ‘real’ action at that. But do we need a remake of Enter The Dragon, a film which has been partially remade several times anyway? Personally I consider Fists Of Fury and The Way Of The Dragon to be better Bruce Lee films though there’s no doubt that Enter The Dragon is his most famous.

Well, Warner Bros apparently think so [and are probably already thinking Martial Arts Cinematic Universe]. Leitch is in early talks with Warners about the remake, which is in early development. That means no writers or actors/actresses attached yet. In terms of replacing Lee, there are several movie martial artists who could do a decent job technically – but are there any who can match his sheer star power?



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