Well surprise surprise, Indiana Jones 5 will not be hitting cinemas in 2020. Disney has finally confirmed recent reports claiming that director Steven Spielberg will miss the scheduled July 10, 2020 premiere date. The US release date will instead be July 9, 2021. The studio has yet to comment on reports that Jonathan Kasdan [son of Lawrence Kasdan, writer of Raiders of the Lost Ark], has been brought in to rewrite the most recent script, which was written by Jurassic Park writer David Koepp.

They need to just get on with it. Years and years of script rewrites didn’t make the last Indy adventure much good, and I’m not sure that Harrison Ford will be able to convince in the role for much longer.

In the mean time Spielberg is still busy with a remake of musical West Side Story [WHY? WHY? WHY?], a biopic of former US President Ulysses S Grant, DC Comics movie Blackhawk, and maybe an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Talisman.

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