Not many Jason fans seemed to like the 2009 reboot/sequel very much, myself being one of them, but like it or loath it Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes who produced the film are still associated with the franchise and have been trying to get another instalment off the ground for some time, with at least four different scripts being considered. I myself rather liked the idea of a ‘found footage’ Friday film that was mooted for a while, but nothing came of it.

What with the director of the original 1980 film Sean S. Cunningham and its co-screenwriter Victor Miller having taken each other to court over which of them deserves to hold the rights to the franchise, it will now no doubt be even longer before we see Mr Voorhees back on the screen – but Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are hoping they’ll still get another shot some day, saying to ‘WeGotThisCovered’:

“There’s a lawsuit going on and the rights are a little messed up. But rest assured, we are doing everything we can to be involved with that and we wholeheartedly believe that another version, another incarnation of Friday the 13th, needs to be made and brought out to the world, and we’re gonna do everything we can to do it. Every year, we look at the schedule and say, ‘When’s the next Friday the 13th? When can we have a movie ready?’ We love Jason and we hope we can make another one.”

Friday the 13th is the one for us, because we were so close to filming that version about a year and a half ago, and we loved the screenplay we had and we were so close on that one. I think that’s the one out of everything we’ve done in the past, except for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We hope to bring another Turtles movie out. But I think Jason is the one right now for us that we’d love to get our hands on.”

I think it will be quite some time yet before this gets off the ground, but you never know, if the return of Michael Myers is a big success, it may speed things up a little…

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