The New Mutants writer-director Josh Boone has been teasing his involvement with an adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel The Stand for some time now, and, what with the recent King craze begun by the huge success of It: Chapter One, it only makes sense that the project seems to be now moving forward – a little. Boone has taken to Instagram to tell folks that a writer’s room for The Stand has now been put together, including Owen King [yes, Steven’s son], Benjamin Cavell Jill Killington.

Boone was originally planning to turn King’s novel into a four-film epic, then there was talk that there could be an eight-part miniseries, then an eight-part miniseries that lead into a feature film – and now the plan seems to be a ten-part, ten-hour limited series. Will this version ever make it to the screen? I think it seems more likely now then ever before, but we shall see.

The Stand was previously adapted into a four-part miniseries directed by Mick Garris in 1994 and considering the time limitations and the restrictions of TV at the time, was pretty good really I think.

A horrifically plague-ravaged Earth where a fraction of its population survives, compelling them to choose sides between the overwhelming forces of good and evil. Millions perish, and as small, isolated frightened bands unite, the answers to their perpetual questions to justify this end of civilization are bared in their dreams – revelations that urge some to embrace a path of virtue and others to gravitate towards a sinister course of darkness. As the opposing forces separate into two camps – one led by the saintly Mother Abigail and the other demonic Randall Flagg – the noble elements try to shield themselves from their corrupt enemy, whose ruthless potency is increased by their domination of an excavated nuclear warhead. Their extreme clash of wills makes it inevitable that these remnants of humanity will soon engage in a final confrontation – The Stand – an immense and atrocious battle which could result in annihilating the power of good and hurdle the fate of the planet into the reins of evil.



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