Zack Snyder has recently confirmed that the DC Extended Universe was never originally supposed to mirror Marvel Studios’ narrative connectivity, and that he intended for just a Dark Knight-style trilogy. Writing on the filmmaker’s social media site Vero, one fan wrote:

“I’ll just say, I think zack was going for an arc that wasn’t concerned with having spin off films and it would have been a self contained world…and I very much like that. A TDK trilogy with the JL that has a beg and end. With diff directors showing respect.”

Tagging Snyder, he added: “Would you say I’m thinking in a similar way as you were sir?” – to which the director simply replied: “Yes.”

So Warner’s rather desperate and botched attempt to mirror Marvel’s success was not something that Snyder planned, though this doesn’t change the fact that Snyder’s two Superman films were themselves still awful. However, Aquaman producer Peter Safran has hailed James Wan’s forthcoming blockbuster as something of a saviour for the DCEU, saying:

“I think it’s an extraordinary step in [the] DC Universe that sets it on the right path”.

So maybe there’s still hope for the DCEU after all.

Aquaman is released in cinemas on December 14.

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