HOUSE PARTY – Early Access [PC Game Review]

house part pc game

Developed and Published by Eek! Games LLC
For PC on Steam

It’s become apparent over the last 7 years of writing for HorrorCultFilms that some of our readers like nookie. As a matter of fact, most of the searches conducted through our search bar involve references to boobies and genitalia. So seeing as you’re all sex-mad maniacs, I thought it’d be fitting to review a saucy simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a young man at a house party looking to get his end away. The game is fittingly called: HOUSE PARTY.

Rated 18 and for good reason, HOUSE PARTY is a game for PC that is currently in Early Access on Steam. This means that the developers are currently working on the game, ironing out bugs and listening to feedback from players who’ve purchased it at the reduced Early Access price to grow and improve the game before it officially releases.

A first person, social gathering simulation style game, in the vein of Leisure Suit Larry, you’re tasked with getting to know the house full of people in the hope to “make it” with at least one of them. However, in order to get jiggy with one of the many lovelies walking around the house, you have to befriend the guests and get them to like you by talking to them and helping them with certain tasks, many of which involve fetching and retrieving certain objects. Using the keyboard and mouse, you must navigate around the house to find objects and to add them to your inventory by clicking on them, in addition to talking to the various guests around the house.

When chatting to the men and women at the party, you can get to know a lot about their characters. Take Stephanie, for instance. She’s a free spirited character, not the brightest of the bunch, who likes to get high off nitrous oxide. To get her to befriend you, you must find and bring her a can of whipped cream. One of the other guests is Frank, a straight-edge type who hates alcohol and is adamant that no-one at the party will consume a single drop. He guards a cabinet full of liquor in the house and is the frustration of many of the characters at the party because how they let their hair down and blow off some steam without booze? Frank’s obsession with drink plays a large part in the game as you must distract him in order to get into the alcohol stash and complete some of the tasks.

When taking to the guests in the house, you’re given a range of questions and answers to choose from. Some are a polite, friendly response whilst others are very direct and flirtatious. Others are downright nasty. Whatever dialogue or actions you choose will have an impact on how the game plays out and in some cases it can even cause the party to end… well, at least for you anyway as I found out in the video below. If you happen to piss off the wrong person and find the game cut short, you’ll have to replay the game again unless you made a save checkpoint manually during the game – in which case you can reload.

Play your cards right with the object challenges and choose the right dialogue to woo one of the many women at the party and you may find yourself getting hot and steamy before the night’s out, from oral sex to full on intercourse. Steam recently clamped down on games like this and have censored the game though if you download the patch off the developer’s website, you can unlock the explicit version. If you choose not to, there’s still plenty to…er… “see”. During the regular gameplay, even without the patch, you’re encouraged to whip your penis out whenever you so feel inclined by pressing the P key. Even though the Steam bog-standard download is supposedly censored, there’s nothing blurred, I can tell ya! Likewise, there’s also a key to press to throw off your clothes should the mood take you. After ballsing up the game three times (I managed to get beat up thrice), I decided to stop the chitchat and cut to the chase by whopping out my wang in front of everyone which did provoke some laugh-out-loud commentary from the characters in the room.

As it currently stands, HOUSE PARTY is a very entertaining game and is cleverly put together, even if you look past the sex stuff. The interactions between the characters are hilarious to watch with some very amusing tasks required to progress the gameplay. The challenge to both avoid getting roughed up by a guest and to also use your charm wisely to woo or befriend the characters and increase their friendliness meter, will keep players on their toes and exploring different routes to go down when replaying.

HOUSE PARTY is the closest thing you’ll probably get to playing an American Pie game and, unlike Jim, you’ve a good chance of actually get laid in this. Score!

Rating: ★★★½☆

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