The founder of Blumhouse Productions Jason Blum has become one of the most successful producers today, seeming to have his finger on the pulse with what cinema goers want to see, with even lesser efforts like Happy Death Day and downright shoddy ones like Truth Or Dare turning a major profit. So when he asked for fans to ask him questions on Twitter, many people obliged.

One interesting response was when he was asked what the chances are of Blumhouse claiming the rights to other popular horror franchises besides Halloween. He replied, “The chances are excellent.” He was then asked what slasher film he’d like to remake/reboot next, and his reply was “Friday the 13th“. Now we all know that the rights to that franchise are still being debated and it’s doubtful that there will be light at the end of the tunnel any time soon, but one can hope. At least he’ll be likely to get the thing made quickly rather than faffing around.

He was also asked if he’d be interested in taking over Universal’s flailing Dark Universe. His response was, “Yes!!!!” And when asked if the studio had approached him to help with the Dark Universe, he tweeted, “They haven’t but if they did I would be all in.”

Seeing as Blum loves horror so much, he’s probably likely to keep the Dark Universe films as actual horror movies rather than Marvel-style, CGI-drenched action films, so I’d be much more confident with him at the helm. Maybe Universal are waiting to see how his Halloween sequel/reboot fares when it comes out on October 19th?

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