I’m quite a fan of the time-jumping 1972 sci-fi puzzler Slaughter House-Five, so I wasn’t initially too pleased to hear that it was going to be turned into a TV series like seemingly everything else. Something as crappy as the Picnic At Hanging Rock series would probably result, thought I. However, it seems to be generally regarded that the film doesn’t do Kurt Vonnegut’s novel justice, and there’s actually a hell of a lot of potential for development of its ideas.

It’s coming from Epix, with The Handmaid’s Tales‘s Kari Skogland directing [well that’s one good thing], Patrick Macmanus writing, and Gale Anne Hurd executive producing.

“Based on Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel of the same name, the project focuses on Billy Pilgrim, a WW2 soldier who becomes “unstuck in time” and travels back and forth through his past, present and future. The novel explores the idea of predestination versus free will, the impacts of war, as well as the perception of time itself.”

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