ZED EVENTS Announce Final Events at THE MALL Facility in Reading

After over six years of operating at the Mall in Reading, Zed Events are sad to announce the permanent closing of the facility.

The Mall had always been a development site, and following the sale to new owners a few weeks ago, it has been confirmed that they will be demolishing the building within the next few months. As a result, Zed will not be selling any advance tickets past August. Lee Fields, founder of Zed Events thanks all those who have enjoyed Zed Events over the years. He says “from Zombies to the Wasteland, we have had so much fun at The Mall scaring the heck out of nearly 50,000 people, but all good horror must come to an end. We would like to thank absolutely everyone who have joined us on this amazing journey and hope to have some good news in the future for the Wasteland Experience.”

The Wasteland Experience has been picked up by viral social media pages MTV, The Hook and The Metro and praised by critics across the country. The experience has been given 5 stars by all press attendees this year. If you have not yet visited the insane and utterly wacky Wasteland Experience in an entire abandoned shopping mall, this will be your last chance!

This will not be the end of Zed Events, they are simply migrating to an equally terrifying location.

What is The Wasteland Experience?

The Wasteland Experience is the world’s first true post-apocalyptic combat scare attraction, the ultimate bonding event for friends and colleagues alike. Set in a 25,000sqft abandoned shopping mall, the experience involves more than two hours of full immersion in a Mad Max style movie set, where you must fight for your survival.

From arrival, the thrill seeker will be part of an unfolding story that will play out in real time. They will be guided through the experience by actors who will assign team tasks. Zed Events will provide guests with iCombat tactical training system weapons. These are the most realistic weapon simulators in the world and are used by the armed forces for training.

A Zed Events experience is like being in a film, except you are not acting. The fear is real. This is what is meant by ‘Full Immersion.’ The team use movie quality Special Effects, weapons and props (provided by Hollywood SFX artists) to achieve something that is unrivaled in live survival horror. This will be something that you will never forget. You simply turn up and take part. Everything is taken care and provided for you, you just need to survive. Sounds easy, right?

Zed Events survival experiences are rated incredibly highly, achieving five stars across the board from customers who dubbed it ‘absolutely brilliant and totally believable’, ‘to this day we think it is the best thing we’ve ever done’. A simply ‘WOW’ experience.


With the cities of the UK obliterated by nuclear explosions, the world as we know it ended. 6 years later, the few survivors either banded together to form tribes in order to survive, or went insane. Conflict and horror are a way of life. You will join a tribe and together fight for survival across our massive abandoned shopping mall, clashing with other tribes and unknown enemies. Part combat game, part horror attraction, all the insanity of the Wasteland!


The Wasteland Experience was put together by using our years of running scare attractions and working in film/TV production. The world you will enter was created by the likes of Mark Cordory Creations, Dust Monkey (who are both amongst the worlds premier post apocalypse costume makers) and the Oscar winning Coulier Creatures. Everything you will experience will be utterly insane and very real!


The ‘Wasteland Experience’ is powered by the iCombat tactical training system, the most realistic weapon simulation in the world and is used by Police and Military around the globe. This is a combat system that uses ultra realistc guns with recoil, noise, muzzle flash and hit detection with no projectiles being fired.

Why should you go? 

The most awesome adrenaline rush and bonding session with the people in your group. Test yourself and push boundaries like never before and see how you would react in a real apocalypse situation, this event is for you. Not for the faint hearted!

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