They’ve trying to get a new movie featuring Red Sonja, the sword wielding warrior woman who first appeared on the big screen in 1985, off the ground for a decade. Rose McGowan, Megan Fox and Amber Heart were all set to play the role first essayed by Brigitte Nielsen at different points, while Douglas Aarniokoski, Robert Rodriguez and Simon West were lined up to direct.

Earlier this year, we reported that Millennium Pictures were having another go and that a script by Edward Miller was going to be written. Well, ‘THR’ has just reported that Bryan Singer is going to direct, despite his recent firing from Bohemian Rhapsody, with accusations of: “Not being present on set, unreliability and unprofessionalism.” ‘I seem to remember reports of similar behaviour on the set of Superman Returns. AnywayTHR’ says that “Millennium will pay Singer top dollar for the assignment, which is seen as a step toward rehabilitating the director’s image.”

Well, it’s certainly the right time to have another go, given the current popularity of female heroines, and the original film – well, I quite like it but its’s not really very good is it? But who will be able to fill Brigitte Nielsen’s – um – shoes?

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