To be honest, his recent films have tended to be rather hit and miss, and many of us probably are probably still wishing that the director of The Fly and Videodrome will return to horror, but David Cronenberg is still a big name so it’s exciting that he’s going to be the latest filmmaker
moving to the smaller screen.

‘Variety’ reports that the upcoming TV project will be both “personal” and “long-form”. Cronenberg has said that:

“Today TV screens are getting bigger and bigger and therefore the difference between theatre and domestic viewing has become really flimsy. The rule used to be that closeup shots were only done for TV, and not for movies. But today that’s no longer the case.”

But when asked about his planned series, he simply replied: although he’s quoted as saying that he

“I can’t talk about it yet”.

Considering the amount of freedom that David Lynch was given on his incredible Twin Peaks revival, I think it’s safe to say that this could be quite something….


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