A Royal Fright: The Greatest Horror Films That Take Place In Casinos

We never really associate the horror genre with casinos. In fact, you’d usually tie in a game of blackjack with an outrageous Las Vegas comedy or some form of crime thriller. But no, there are a hugely impressive range of horror films that take place in the casino too. After all, we’ve all had nightmares on the tables and slots before.

With casino and it’s online equivalent growing in popularity, in fact you’ll find plenty of Halloween-based online slots to play over the next few weeks, the genres are tying together more and more. They certainly add an extra level of excitement, with the tension of the tables combining well with the uncertainty of a horror film’s next move.

As more movies hit the silver screen, we take a look at the best movies that combine both horror and a love of the casino.

Resident Evil: Extinction

The Resident Evil franchise has been a real box office smash, so it makes sense they’d take it to the home of big box office events, Las Vegas.

Extinction was released in 2007 and was set to a backdrop of an apocalyptic Sin City and featured some pretty intense gambling.

It was the third movie in the film series which has gone on to have six movies overall. It follows Alice who must escape a zombie apocalypse.

Naturally it’s blood, guts and frights all the way. Just like many nights out in Vegas!


Set in Reno, main characters Tom and Tory work at the Silver Star Casino and are enjoying a rather slow day on the floors, so much so that they head off to make things a little more “exciting”. Elsewhere though, the world is about to change as a nuclear explosion leads to a zombie apocalypse, and they’re heading straight for the remains!

The film involves the characters gambling with their lives as they look to survive the ordeal in a now abandoned casino.

It’s your classic zombie style film, and well worth a watch if you love a flutter on the slots too.

Dead Man’s Hand

Released over a decade ago now, Dead Man’s Hand is a fantastic horror that’s all about the casino.

The film revolves around Matthew Dragna inheriting a casino from a deceased relative. Unfortunately for him, the casino, located on the outskirts of Vegas, is also the home to a whole host of ghosts and worse still the ghosts of big-time gangsters. They’re out for revenge and Dragna must fight to save himself and casino.

Leprechaun 3

Leprechaun famously helped progress Warwick Davis’ career, and it’s the third instalment which takes place on the Las Vegas strip. An mid-90s classic, it combines both horror and comedy revolving around an evil leprechaun who has escaped his medallion prison.

It sounds crazy, it plays out even more so. It’s always a fun 90 minutes or so, especially if you’re feeling nostalgic for the old days of horror.

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