Though I doubt it’ll match the impact of the original, I’ve become most intrigued about Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake, and one particularly interesting thing is that it features the big screen return of Jessica Harper, who of course played Suzy Bannion in Dario Argento’s 1977 classic. That role is being played by Dakota Johnson this time around, with Harper playing a new character named Anke. In a chat with ‘EW’, the actress detailed her role in the remake [possible spoilers]:

“So, I play the love interest of this character Dr. Klemperer, he lost his wife many many years before, and spends much of his time longing for her, and hoping somehow their paths will cross again. He doesn’t know what became of her, all those years before. So, I magically reappear, and then some other magic happens, which I don’t want to spoil. But Lutz Ebersdorf and I get to play this sort of romantic story at the center of this movie, which is really fun. It’s this lovely emotional thread that cuts through the center of the movie.”

“The shoot for me was pretty brief. I was only involved for a few days, because my part was a small part. The shoot for others was long and difficult because they were in an abandoned hotel on a hilltop in Italy. And I was there too and I know it was difficult. It was cold and dark and scary. It was like a haunted house, which was kind of appropriate, but not ideal shooting circumstances. But I had a wonderful time. Because I was the star of the original movie, when I walked on the set you would have thought I was David Bowie. I sort of had a celebrity moment, which was so sweet.”

Suspiria is showing in selected US cinemas November 2, and we finally have a UK release date for you too, November 16, so look out for our review around then!

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