Some time ago information about how the original concept for Rambo V was going to be about Rambo battling a creature from another planet circulated. Sylvester Stallone’s return to the character was going to be based on the James Byron Huggins novel Hunter, but turned into a Rambo film.

Well, it seems that Sly has given up on playing Rambo again thank goodness – or at least on the ridiculous idea of having him fight an alien – and will instead star in [and possibly direct] a straight adaptation of the book.

Nathaniel Hunter, a tracker and world renowned hunter, who is asked by the military to help track down an bloodthirsty inhuman beast living in the arctic. Hunter comes to learn that the beast may have been the creation of the military, but he’s determined to stop the creature before it makes its way to nearby civilization.

It all sounds rather Predator-ish, but I guess that’s okay as it stands a reasonable chance of being better than the recent Predator movie.

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