It’s with a heavy heart that I bring you the news that one of my favourite British film makers Nicolas Roeg passed away quietly last night at his home, three months after turning 90. Roeg made a name for himself as a cinematographer before making commencing a run of five extraordinary endlessly fascinating and endlessly rewarding films that often played with film grammar: Performance, Walkabout, Don’t Look Now, The Man Who Fell To Earth and Bad Timing. None of them were hits when they came out, but have all become cult favourites and hugely influential. His work after that wasn’t quite as spectacular as he moved into an age when the kind of film he liked to make went more and more out of fashion, but the likes of Track 29, Cold Heaven and his sole ‘family’ movie [though a pretty dark one] The Witches were all worthwhile and showed a real visionary at work.

Tweets have been pouring in, I’ll share with you Edgar Wright’s tribute:

Farewell to the extraordinary cinematic talent, director Nicolas Roeg. His films hypnotized me for years and still continue to intrigue. Along with classics like Performance & Walkabout, I could watch Don’t Look Now on a loop & never tire of its intricacies. A master of the art.

But that’s all from me now, because screw my viewing plans, I’m going to watch this classic again tonight.

RIP Nic. Your movies will continue to astonish.



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