Well, the new Halloween has come and gone and is still provoking debate, not least in the HCF office. I’ve made my feelings known about the film elsewhere. The avalanche of news concerning it has died down, but interesting tidbits are still appearing every now and again. A few weeks ago, I detailed how the movie was originally going to open, and now, ‘Bloody Disgusting’ has published a very intriguing look at how it was originally going to end. David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley‘s first script contained a very different finale to the one we now have.


So – the film ends with the Strode family locking Michael in the basement and burning the house down. However, originally this wasn’t the case. Laurie, Jamie [name later changed to Karen] and Allyson still end up at Laurie’s house, only this time the action occurs upstairs. Michael survives a load of bullets from Laurie, who then runs out of them and runs down the hall, abandoning Jamie and Allyson who are both hiding under the bed. Michael chases Laurie into a room with a lit up closet, but finds that he’s been tricked, and Laurie isn’t in there. As he walks back down the hall, Laurie suddenly appears and stabs Michael with a screwdriver while Jamie and Allyson climb out of the window. Laurie stabs Michael over and over again but is strangled to death by Michael. Jamie returns to the house and pushes Michael out of the window. Michael disappears while Jamie and Allyson then go to Laurie and confirm that she’s dead.

Personally I think this sounds much better than what we eventually got, and having Laurie killed would have made the film seem just a little bit less of a semi-remake of H20. Even when it was decided that Laurie would survive, apparently the filmmakers considered the possibility that she was going to be badly wounded and at one point even had her winding up in a hospital a la Halloween 2. Shots from the Laurie/ Michael confrontation that didn’t appear in the film turn up in some of the trailers, leading one to believe that more than one version of the climax was actually shot. Hopefully we’ll see some of this alternate footage on the Blu-ray.




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