Ruggero Deodato’s much banned and much censored 1979 film Cannibal Holocaust remains a difficult watch even today. While I increasingly find the animal cruelty unnecessary, I remain of the opinion that’s a powerful and very well crafted piece of cinema with something to say, though I can also understand why some may hate it.

Anyway, it’s the kind of film that’s ripe for an exhaustive documentary as I’m sure that there are many hitherto untold tales connected with its making. Well, a documentary is coming, though its focus seems to be a little different. Writer and director Calum Waddell told ‘Rue Morgue’ that Searching for Cannibal Holocaust is: “The story of how Cannibal Holocaust has impacted upon the lives of a number of people, including myself”  – though it still interviews stars of the film and visit the filming locations in the Amazon. Here’s the trailer:

There’s no release date yet, but we will do our best to keep you posted.

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