STAN LEE: 1922 -2018. An Obituary

Stan Lee, the legend of Marvel, the genius mind behind such fantastic superhero creations has passed away at the age of 95.

The much loved icon will be deeply missed by millions of fans all the world over.

Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber to Romanian-born Jewish immigrants in New York City. In the early 1940’s after working many odd jobs, he found a role as an office assistant to Timely Comics before eventually moving up to an interim editor position.  Its here he used the pseudonym Stan Lee, which he would later adopt as his legal name, in the May 1941 issue of “Captain America.”

It was in 1961 when the comic book genre became tired and unpopular, that Lee began his path to iconic and legendary status.  Asked to create a new Superhero team to rival DC’s Justice League, Lee teamed up with Jack Kirby and created The Fantastic Four, which proved so popular that all of a sudden a wave of Superheroes came from their brilliant minds, with the likes of Thor, Silver Surfer,  Iron Man, the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, Black Panther all following, while also teaming up with Steve Ditko to create Spider-man in 1962 and also Doctor Strange in 1963.

Alongside artist Bill Everett, they also came up with the blind superhero Daredevil.

Eventually The Avengers was born.

Like all Marvel employee, Lee had no rights to the characters he helped create and received no royalties.

In the 80’s, Stan Lee’s booming voice was heard in millions of homes every Saturday morning in the UK when he voiced the intro to the cult cartoon Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

Most recently he was known for his small cameo’s in all the Marvel films that have been released over the years, a reminder of a man whose vision helped create the very film universe that Marvel have so wanted to be a success.

Stan Lee was a legend, a visionary, a genius, a man who quite rightly entered into Pop Culture.  He will always be remembered and never forgotten, as no matter what, his legacy will always live on, something that not even the finger snap of Thanos could put a stop too.

A sad day for Superheroes and comic book lovers everywhere………





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