We’ve been hearing about a Resident Evil reboot for around a year now, and seeing as myself and Juanvasquez who did our review of the film seem to be among the few people who actually really liked The Strangers: Prey At Night, I was quite excited to learn that its director Johannes Roberts was going to direct Resident Evil. The announcement of James Wan as producer was also pleasing, but now it seems that he won’t be involved after all. Speaking with ‘Bloody Disgusting’, Wan revealed that:

“I’m not doing that anymore, that has been dropped”.

It seems that the news about Wan producing was made prematurely before he was officially attached to the project, and therefore was never involved in it much at all. It may not be a huge loss – after all, Wan’s involvement doesn’t automatically guarantee a really good film, as those who’ve seen The Nun and Annabelle will probably agree.

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