So a while ago the news came out that Arnold Schwarzenegger could have appeared at the end of The Predator. And now it seems that they also considered having two characters from the Alien franchise turn up. Yuri Everson, who worked on the film’s special effects, posted on Instagram last week that one ending would have featured Ripley emerging from the pod at the end, and the other would have had a grown up Newt. It seems like Sigourney Weaver wasn’t going to film a scene, instead we would have just seen her name tag. As for Newt her name would have appeared on the monitors. In both shots Breanna Watkins would have been the stand-in for Newt and Ripley.

Well it’s certainly better than the crappy Iron Man-type armour revelation that we got, but I can’t see how it would have improved the movie much. And, if you think about it, it wouldn’t have made much sense [mind you, not much in the film did]. The timelines wouldn’t have matched up. The Predator was seemingly modern day and the first Alien takes place in 2122 – unless some time travel would have been involved. And – let’s face it – do we need yet more attempts to link the two franchises, considering how they cocked it up the first two times?

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