HCF Daily True Life Scare Stories: No 8. The bitter twist of the tale of James Wooson


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No.8 James Wooson



You’ve heard the story of James Wooson?  If not, lets recap!

The story begins September 3, 1873, where James took on a challenge to race from the town of Leamington to the town of Coventry in England.   It was a 25 mile jog, that James apparently was looking forward to, as he often bragged about his running ability.  Accompanying on the run was two men on a horse drawn carriage, to witness his feat of running this challenge in record time.

During the run, in which James was running in a record time, the two men watched as James seemed to stumble and fall forward.  What they witnessed as gone down as a terrifying tale told by many generations since.   They heard James yell out a gut-wrenching scream that one of the men later recalled as being a “…ghastly sound either of us had ever heard.”   They watched as James fell forward only to disappear…..yes you read that right.  He never hit the ground and from that moment was never seen again.

One of the men were carrying a camera and the famous photos showed James leaving his foot tracks before they ended abruptly, with the road ahead untouched.

Despite search parties, James was never seen again.

Scary right?  Well it would be if it was true.  Its one of the many tales that has become famous over time but its simply based on a story by an American author Ambrose Bierce, simply called “An unfinished Race”.  Sorry to disappoint you all! So why the true life post?  Well here is the twist.  In 1913, Bierce himself vanished without trace.  He had traveled to Mexico on an assignment and was never seen again.

Its a spooky coincidence that makes the fictional tale of James Wooson even more creepier than it actually should.

No.7 The Mystery Man from Taured! 


How is this for a strange one?

In July 1954 a mystery man arrived at Tokyo airport in Japan.  The reports described him as Caucasian appearance and he aroused suspicions by the officials for acting oddly!

When asked for I.D. they found a passport that was all but genuine but it stated he hailed from a country that did not exist!

The country was called Taured and when asked to point out the country on a map he pointed towards the Principality of Andorra, but reports said he became angry and confused because he never heard of Andorra, and can’t understand why his homeland of Taured was not there.  He clearly stated to those in the room that his country should be there as it had existed for more than 1,000 years!

Customs officials found him in possession of money from several different European currencies and his passport had been stamped by many airports around the globe, including previous visits to Tokyo.

Then things became even more odd!  Trying to get to the bottom of this mystery the officials  took him to a local hotel and placed him in a room with two guards outside.  On further investigation, the company he claimed he worked for, stated that they had no idea who he was, despite the mystery man having proper documentation on him to prove he did work for the company!  Also the hotel he claimed he was booked into never had his booking, despite again the man insisting he had!

To end the story, when the officials went back to question him some more, they opened the door to the room and found he had vanished, despite the guards outside, despite the room being several floors up and without a balcony.  Even the local police admitted it was impossible for him to leave that room!

The mystery man from Taured was never seen again!









No.6  The amazing connection between JFK and Abraham Lincoln.

We all know the story of what happened to Abraham Lincoln and JFK, the two famous American Presidents whose career in the White House was cut short.  But have you heard of the amazing Connection between the two that is so unbelievable that even reading it, will make you shake your head in disbelief.  Get ready to read this:

Lincoln’s name has 7 letters

Kennedy’s name has 7 letters

Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846
Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946

Lincoln was elected president in 1860
Kennedy was elected president in 1960

Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln

War was thrust upon Lincoln almost immediately after inauguration
War was thrust upon Kennedy almost immediately after inauguration

Lincoln was sitting beside his wife when he was shot
Kennedy was sitting beside his wife when he was shot

Lincoln was shot on a Friday
Kennedy was shot on a Friday

Lincoln was shot in a theatre named Ford
Kennedy was shot in a car named Ford
Kennedy was shot in a car also named Lincoln

Lincoln was shot in a theatre and his assassin ran to a warehouse
JFK was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran to a theatre

Lincoln’s assassin had a three-word name, John Wilkes Booth
Kennedy’s assassin had a three-word name, Lee Harvey Oswald

John Wilkes Booth has 15 letters
Lee Harvey Oswald has 15 letters

John Wilkes Boothe was born in 1839
Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939

Booth was shot and killed in police custody before going to trial
Oswald was shot and killed in police custody before going to trial

Lincoln and Kennedy died in places beginning with the initials P and H
Lincoln died in Petersen’s house
Kennedy died in Parkland Hospital

Lincoln was succeeded, after assassination, by vice-president Johnson
Kennedy was succeeded, after assassination, by vice-president Johnson

Andrew Johnson was born in 1808
Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908

Andrew Johnson’s name has 13 letters
Lyndon Johnson’s name has 13 letters

Days before it happened Lincoln told his wife and friends about a dream he’d had of being shot by an assassin
Hours before it happened Kennedy told his wife and friends it would be easy for an assassin to shoot him from a crowd

Both wives of Lincoln and Kennedy tastefully redecorated the White House

Both wives sadly lost a child while living in the White House.

A man running alongside Kennedy’s car snapping pictures with his 35mm camera was a salesman of Lincoln cars

Jefferson Davis was the name of the President of the Confederate States while Lincoln was president of the United States

Jefferson Davis Tippit was the name of the police officer killed by Kennedy’s assassin

Both were directly concerned with Civil Rights!

Shortly after Lincoln was shot the telegraph system went down
Shortly after Kennedy was shot the telephone system went down

Lincoln had 2 sons named Robert and Edward. Edward died young and Robert lived on.
Kennedy had 2 brothers named Robert and Edward. Robert died young and Edward lived on

And finally…….

John Kennedy is the name of a character in a 1951 movie about a detective travelling by train to thwart the assassination of President Lincoln………






NO.5 Rudolph Fentz

In a true and most freaky case that some say is proof of “time travel”.  We look at Rudolph Fentz, a man who appeared one day in Times Square in the year 1950.  Dressed in Victorian clothes and with Witnesses stating he looked startled and frightened, the man was knocked down by a car and killed instantly.

When his body was searched for any proof of identification, this is what was found.. A copper token for a beer worth 5 cents, stating a name of an unheard saloon.  A bill for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage, drawn by a livery stable on Lexington Avenue that was not listed in any address book.   He had $70 dollars in old banknotes. A Business card with the name Rudolph Fentz and an address on Fifth Avenue and finally a letter sent to this address, in June 1876 from Philadelphia.  Bizarrely all these items had not aged and were in pristine condition.

Strange, but then things got quite freaky!

Captain Hubert V. Rihm of the Missing Persons Department of NYPD tried using this information to identify the man.  He found no name listed in the address book or his fingerprints were not recorded anywhere, and no one had reported him missing.

Determined to work out what was going on Rihm finally  found a Rudolph Fentz Jr. in a telephone book of 1939.  He discovered that the Fentz Jr had died five years previous but had left a widow who was still alive in Florida.  Rihm contacted her and learned that her husband’s father had disappeared in 1876 aged 29. He had left the house for an evening walk and never returned.

Even more oddly, researchers have found proof that a man called Rudolph Fentz had disappeared in 1876 and was never seen or heard of again……could the man have possibly fell into a time loop and landed in 1950?.

This is one of the most unexplained mysteries ever on record!





Freddy Krueger, the man of nightmares.  The guy who just won’t stay dead.  Lucky he is only a figure in films right!  Wrong?

A Nightmare On Elm St is actually based on a real life case, ah now you won’t be able too sleep tonight will you?

Wes Craven was drawn to making the horror classic because of cases taking place in Asia of young men too scared to go to sleep.  According to actual case files, these men who at first were healthy and with no history of mental problems, started to develop real night terrors.  The dreams were so bad that they tried they best not to go to sleep at night.

Coffee, pills, they tried every means possible not to fall asleep, but eventually when they did, the doctor’s were puzzled to find them screaming and thrashing around violently in their bed before eventually dying.

These cases lasted for a while before eventually disappearing much to the puzzlement of every leading Doctor.  To this day, this phenomenon is called bangungot or pokkuri which translates as “nightmare death”. It’s apparently relatively common in Singapore, with 43 deaths per 100,000.

Locals believe that these men are dying from the hands of a jealous soul, a woman who smothers them in their sleep…….

In the middle of the night they heard these horrendous screams and crashings and they ran in and he’s thrashing on the bed. They ran to him and by the time they got to him he was dead. They did an autopsy on him and there was nothing physically wrong with him.  Wes Craven


No.2 The Sarah Joe incident

One of the most freaky and while not scary but baffling is the case of the Sarah Joe.

Now it weren’t a person but a shipping boat and all this occurred in the year 1979.   Benjamin Kalama, Ralph Malaiakini, Scott Moorman, Patrick Woesner, and Peter Hanchett set out for a fishing trip and were never seen again.  The official line at first was that they all died at sea because doing that time there was a severe storm and they were all presumed to have drown.

But in 1988, nine years later on an island over 2000 miles away, the wreck of Sarah Joe was found.  Even oddly, the remains of Scott were found in a shallow Grave under a pile of rocks.  Now this island was searched and searched over only a few years back and the boat was apparently not found then or the remains.  So what happened?  How did the boat get on the island after it was searched and even if it was washed up on shore, years after, how did the remains of one of the men end up there?  Who buried him and what happened to the other guys who were never seen again?

This is a mystery that still remains open to this day……………….



N0.1 The Pollack Twins

First off is the bizarre and freaky tale of The Pollack Twins who up until this day, there are those seeking answers to either if its a hoax or or not.

We start in 1957 with a tragic death of young sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline, one 11 years old and the youngest only 6.  Both of them died when a car struck them both while they were walking, a sad awful tragedy which a year later bought on something that Mulder would call “an X File Case”.

A year after their death, the mother gave birth to a pair of twin girls and called them Jennifer and Gillian.    From the moment they were born something was amiss.   Jennifer had two birthmarks in the exact place as her deceased sister Jacqueline.

It did not end there,

By the time the twins hit the age of two years, they were asking for toys they never had.  Toys that their sisters played with.  Their parents insisted that they never showed the girls these toys and they should not have any prior knowledge of them.

Even more oddly is when the twins were one years old, the parents moved away from the area but came back when they were four years old.  It was on that trip that the two started to ask to go a park that they have never been too, recalling things that they really should not have known……

As they grew, they began to take on the behaviour of their sisters, but the memories of their “past lives” vanished.

The case is infamous because at the time a well respected and known psychologist a Dr Ian Stevenson, studied the case over and over and could only came up with one official answer……………

“That the twins were actual reincarnations of their sadly deceased sisters”……………………….


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