CULT TV: David Boreanaz teases “something special” for Angel’s 20th Anniversary


When you are told that Angel, the Buffy spin off that was loved by many is to celebrate being twenty years old this year, then you do start to feel old.

The moody, dark show that at times even surpassed the greatness of Buffy, was shockingly axed after its fifth season, just when the viewing figures were up and critical acclaim was being thrown at it, a decision back then that even FOX themselves have admitted was a “wrong one”.

Leaving the show on “that” cliff-hanger has for many years, divided fans but David Boreanaz who played the Vampire with the soul had some good news for fans, longing for him to do something new with the franchise.

“We’re coming up on our 20 years. That’s amazing to have been blessed with a show like that. That’s really where I started my gig in this acting world.  I have no problem with the cult audience, and I would totally get back into the genre, but I’m not a big reunion guy.  I tend to like to go forward. I don’t like to go backward – except when I’ve got ice skates on my feet and I’m playing hockey.”

But its these words that got fans excited.

“I love that character. So I will say there may be something coming up. I don’t want to give away a lot. It’s 20 years coming up this fall, and we may have something in the works.”

Before we get all excited, I very much doubt we talking a new series, more likely a reunion of some sort, much like what Buffy did when she celebrated her birthday last year.

It still be good to see the old gang back though…..



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