Though officially confirmed back in 2016 and given the title Live Die Repeat and Repeat, nothing since has been heard about the sequel to the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt sci-fi actioner Edge Of Tomorrow which was a commercial disappointment in cinemas but a major hit on DVD – until now. Apparently the film is finally officially off the ground after bringing on Matthew Robinson as its writer. The intention is for director Doug Liman, Cruise and Blunt all to return.

We don’t know much about the plot, but last year Liman did say that:

“If I’m going to do a sequel for the first time in my life I want to make it the opposite of what you’d expect from a sequel and we found a story that does that,” he explained. That’s why I’m even more excited that it’s a sequel because it just takes all the baggage that you’d associate with a sequel and turned it on its head… It’s a sequel that’s a prequel. At the same time that it’s a sequel.”

Sounds intriguing, though of course we don’t know if that prequel-sequel concept will make its way into the film.

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