GOD’S TRIGGER – Game Preview

Angel Harry and Demon Judy team up to battle their way into heaven to stop the apocalypse in GOD’S TRIGGER, the new top-down splatterfest from developer One More Level and publisher Techland Publishing.

Ahead of its release, I got to have a little play of GOD’S TRIGGER on Steam for PC to see what it’s all about.

In God’s Trigger, you get to play both the angel and demon characters, switching at will to your preferred character. Each character has their own particular weapons and abilities that you can upgrade throughout the game. The demon Judy can teleport short distances and walk through barred doors, whilst angel Harry can dash distances quickly, including barging through doors sending enemies flying. Harry also uses a sword whilst Judy prefers a chained flail type weapon. Both can pick up extra weapons throughout the game to use for ranged attacks which come in useful, particularly in more populated areas of the game. Each have their own special abilities too. Harry’s special moves include turning invisible for a short amount of time whilst Judy is able to use telepathy to order an enemy to shoot his other comrades for you. Another of the Judy’s special abilities is the ability to identify targets for the ranged attacks ahead of time, leaving you to waltz into view and repeatedly press the range attack button as the demon swings around in the direction of each marked opponent, firing off a bullet into their heads. These special abilities are pretty cool to use and there’s times when you really rely on them to get you past a certain section but using them completely depletes your special meter until you can start earning upgrades that allow you to shrink the cost of using them. Using stealth kills is one of the preferred ways of offing your enemies and can increase your meter faster though you can only action a stealth kill if you take the enemy by surprise without them seeing you or stun them first.

The game itself is incredibly fast-paced, even when you spawn from the last checkpoint allowing you to jump straight into the action once more. The checkpoints are fairly regular so if you die, you don’t usually have to tread that much ground to get back to where you left off. The rapid attacks and explosive splatfest that ensues will just make you hungry to race through the levels and tackle what other enemies lie in wait, however you still have to regain some sense of strategy as these enemies, though don’t look much, can often be quicker than you expect them to be. I can’t tell you the amount of times I died during my playthrough though you can get an idea from my videos in this preview.

With enemies exploding and blood flying everywhere, there’s a neat, comic-book satisfaction in slaughtering the variety of opponents and you’re rewarded at the end of each level with a grade. Your kill streak, number of kills and how many times you died whilst playing that level are all taken into consideration to produce a rank, with A being the ideal target. Because of this, you’re encourage to try your hand at the levels again to improve the rank and because of the rapid style of gameplay, it’s very easy and encouraging to have “just one more go”.

Unlike many other games of this nature, God’s Trigger seems to have an actual storyline going on with the cutscenes taking inspiration from its comic-like roots. Imagine Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens mixed in a blender with Quentin Tarantino and I’m pretty sure God’s Trigger would be the outcome.

The game comes with a co-op mode and can be easily played with on keyboard as well as controller on PC. I ultimately preferred playing with the Xbox Controller as I found movement easier using the directional pad but the attacks were just as responsive on keyboard as controller.

They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat and that’s certainly the case in this game, with players able to mix up their strategy and approach it any way they desire to get the kills they need to progress through the levels, which is one of the major advantages of God’s Trigger. The upgrades too can be tailored to the player’s preferred choice meaning one player’s gameplay will most likely be different to the next.

GOD’S TRIGGER is set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 18th April 2019. Pre-order today on Steam for PC.

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