I make no apology for posting something about Godzilla: King Of The Monsters nearly every week – I’m so f****** excited about the movie and thankfully I only have to wait till May 31st. Anyway, ‘Empire’ recently released the above still of the film’s giant pterosaur Rodan in action, and I just had to share it with you all. Says director and co-writer Michael Dougherty:

“Rodan is a bit of a rogue… you never quite know where his loyalties lie. Godzilla’s more of a lumbering, plodding presence; it takes him a couple of days to destroy a city like Tokyo. Rodan can level it without even thinking. He’s this massive A-bomb, so there’s a speed and ferocity he brings.”

Meanwhile ‘Collider’ talked to Dougherty and asked him about King Kong and the twin fairies, Mothra’s tiny guardians in the Toho movies.

Collider: We had an Easter egg in the last film, of the fairies. Can we see anything extrapolated from that in this film? Are they growing? Going back to your statement in regards to religion, and, monster worship as it were.

Dougherty: Yeah. I love the fairies in the original films. I don’t know how big they’ll be in this movie. They might make an appearance.

Collider: So in regards to the myth building, overall, are we going to see any reference to Kong in this movie?

Dougherty: Yeah. He’s out there. I mean I love the idea of the two creatures crossing paths. Loved that idea since a kid, even in the original Godzilla vs Kong. For as cheesy as it was, the concept was brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to see that smack down? It makes sense that they would exist in the same universe I think.

Collider: With all the mythology and world building that’s going into this movie, and obviously you’ve given this a lot of thought, was there, with all the franchise considerations, was there like a Monarch bible already in place or are you writing it as you go?

Dougherty: Ah, it wasn’t a bible. More like a pamphlet. It was more like a presentation video. I think the bible is constantly for Monarch being written with each film. You know, it changes. But I really did want this to be the first film that blow open the doors and lets us get a peek behind the curtain. Which is why we’re shooting in Monarch’s headquarters, in their underwater base. I think there was something really powerful about the idea of this secret organization, which has altruistic intentions and noble ideals about trying to understand our place in the world after these creatures have been discovered. So this will be the first film where you finally get to know some of these scientists on a deeply personal level and understand how they interact with each other and how they interact with the creatures. But yeah, well find these things behind the curtain”.

I’m guessing “might make an appearance” means that they will!

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