where they cremate the roadkill

Developed and Published by The Gunseed Collab
Available on Steam

A thread of three lives confront the personification of appearances as it grows from larva to adult.

At the dead-end of the future a telepath assists the embodiment of insanity and is marooned in the mind of a flea.

In the primeval past one quadruped forages for food as a sentient cancer swallows the last of Earth’s living tissue.

Between the present’s many crossroads a jobless coolie that cannot die kills for rebellion and revenge.

All this as a desire for sleep returns in the heart of existence.

What can you expect from the game, I hear you cry? Weirdness, a bucketload of it.

As games come, WHERE THEY CREMATE THE ROADKILL might just be the trippiest I’ve ever come across. Surreal doesn’t even begin to explain the crazy, hand-drawn visuals on-screen which you’re presented with as you float through one screen to another. Whilst the madcap ideas and artwork have their merits from an artistic angle, as a gamer I couldn’t actually get my head around the mechanics of the game. Perhaps I’m missing the point, as the game has scored some decent reviews from players on Steam, but I was just left scratching my head in regards to what the aim of the game actually is, and because of that I found it difficult to to draw any enjoyment from the game whatsoever. With a cursor that looks like a pasty and a mixture of characters such as an odd, tin-can style dude with legs, there’s just too much weirdness going on to make head nor tail of it as an actual game.

Apart from floating through various screens of quirky artwork, the game lacks actual gameplay or plot that your average gamer could comprehend. As much as I like bizarre stuff, if there’s no actual substance to the gameplay then I can’t really get on with it. If I dropped some LSD, maybe then I might understand what’s going on in this game.

Unfortunately, despite fans of the work of The Gunseed Collab loving it, I cannot find any enjoyment from this game. As a Lynch-esque experience, however, I can see why players may appreciate what’s delivered on-screen.

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