Casino Games With Movie Themes

People love watching movies, and some of them enjoy playing casino games. What else could be better than combining these two activities? A strong portfolio that combines exciting content, segmented product line and popular themes have been the key in showing an intense passion for gaming. These words were explained at ICE London, in 2017, by James Boje, Managing Director at Aristocrat Technologies.

Because some of these companies combined two appreciated activities, games & movies, players can now find plenty of slots that are based on popular films. The creation of a slot movie starts with licensing agreements with movie producers. With the agreement available, game developers can create impressive casino games, that feature authentic images, video clips and music from chosen films.


Aristocrat Technologies Portfolio

Back in 2017 at ICE London, Aristocrat Technologies had a significant proportion at their stand that had incorporated licensed brands, which demonstrated the company’s ongoing commitment to this important segment: movies. Players across Europe and Africa that enjoyed the entertaining gaming experience of Lightning Link, soon found out that new licenced gaming contend was coming very fast.

The Lightning Link platform have been improved and in 2017, it came with new varied themes with new game mechanics. Today, Game of Thrones is at its peak, with fans talking about the last season of the show all over the Internet. However, the show was pretty much very popular starting from Season 1. In order to increase even more of its popularity, the team behind Aristocrat Technologies created a slot game based on Game of Thrones. Bearing the same name, the slot game includes dragons, battles, music and characters, such as Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Littlefinger and Tyrion Lannister.

Another popular TV series that got a slot game as well, is The Walking Dead. The game is mainly based on Season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. In addition, the slot game got a much better version, where the reels have animations that pop out all the time. Fans will also meet characters, such as Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Daryl Dixon and Andrea. The theme came from the famous AMC, and the deal between Aristocrat Technologies and AMC is based on to make sure that the slot stays in tune with the TV series. Therefore, the gameplay have been proved to be smooth, with graphics being on the spot, with the sounds being taken straight from the voices of the characters from the film.

Besides these two very popular TV series, Aristocrat expanded the portfolio with names like The Big Bang Theory, Zorro, Mad Max: Fury Road. Mr Boje also said that rich content and features from the movie-themed portfolio is the most popular. Players already know what’s working on their floors and Aristocrat Technologies will make sure to continue to outline the game studios by taking the very best elements that will push the envelope with the next generation.


Other Slot-Themed Movies

Aristocrat Technologies is not the only developing company that can create movie-themes slots. One year later, Scientific Games showcased their own innovative gaming entertainment content. The idea that runs this company is the drive to create games that players love. They believe that building state-of-the-art entertainment will deliver good content across all gaming verticals.

Everyone is familiar with agent 007. Well, Scientific Games has made a series of its own as well. The company believes that when it comes to innovation, no other series demonstrate their cutting edge-approach of Scientific Games, like James Bond series. The company showcased their latest installment at G2E Las Vegas in 2018. The James Bond series made by Scientific Games are: Die Another Day, Goldeneye and Live and Let Die.

The gaming industry makes sure that every year there will be new latest trends and technologies. In February, 2018 at ICE London, Novomatic showcased an exciting licensed new single game. Everyone got familiar with the original movie, From Dusk Till Dawn. Because the movie was a little bit tricky to understand, the producers from FactoryMade Ventures, Miramax and executive producer Robert Rodriguez, added more sense to the movie by creating From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. In addition, Novomatic added even more popularity with From Dusk Till Dawn video slots. The cult film marked 20 years since release, and From Dusk Till Dawn was resurrected into an entertaining slot game.