Home Sweet Home horror game coming to PS4 and PSVR

Already released on PC about a year and a half ago, the publisher and developer of video games Mastiff has just announced that Home Sweet Home, a thrilling first-person horror game based on the mythology and Thai tradition of the real world, will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR from the end of May and we are ready to bet, perhaps with a Starspins promotional code, that it will arouse particular attention among fans of horror and owners of the Sony home console.

Home Sweet Home takes players into a dark and twisted labyrinth, where a haze of fear fills the air, terror bleeds through the cracks in the ceiling and comes through the broken floorboards and anxiety grows with every step. After a long night of mourning and pain over the recent death of his wife, Tim wakes up and finds himself not in the comfort of his home, but in a strange dilapidated building. Confused, he has to avoid deadly spirits, solve puzzles and reveal sinister secrets while desperately searching for his wife and a way out. There’s a dark secret that casts a shadow over this building and no doubt, it’s no longer the happy home of yesteryear.

Home Sweet Home is a horror composed essentially of two distinct phases: one inside the apartment, where you have to investigate the family business and the private life of the missing wife, and the other where you have to survive the threats that will block the way. Home Sweet Home does not allow you to defend yourself, but only to find shelter in lockers or jars scattered along the rooms, so it’s easy to understand that stealth is a primary element of the game.

One of the most interesting points of the game lies in the supernatural entities described in Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. Some of the texts found provide more information about mythology and describe these ghosts (such as the disturbing Preta) as “hungry spirits”, portraits of people who have accumulated bad karma in past lives.

Among the most interesting aspects of Home Sweet Home is the possibility of playing with the virtual reality helmet Playstation VR. Even though it’s hard to expect a gaming experience on a par with Capcom’s masterpiece Resident Evil 7 (one of the main killer applications of Sony’s virtual reality),undoubtedly a horror videogame like this one will benefit a lot from the ability of virtual reality to immerse us in the proposed interactive experience.

The confirmation comes from the other (unfortunately not many…) horror titles available for Playstation VR as The Inpatient, the spin-off of the series Until Dawn that on PSVR also presents Rush of Blood, shooter on the tracks inspired by the SEGA cult game House of The Dead. Finally, let’s not forget the most recent Arizona Sunshine, a shooter that sees us committed to eliminating zombies that have invaded the Grand Canyon. A title with a concept that is not particularly original but that is characterised by an aesthetic style definitely sought after in horror. In a few weeks we can find out how frightening Home Sweet Home is going to be when wearing the virtual reality helmet for the Sony home console.