The Best Halloween Horror Films of All Time

It might be premature given that it’s only May, but we’re already getting excited about Halloween 2019. All Hallows’ Eve is our favourite holiday of the year, and we spend most of the preceding months getting hyped up about what we’re going to wear, how we’re going to celebrate, and which films will be making their way onto our special October watch list.
In our view, it’s never too early to start planning, which is why we’ve been spending some time of late coming up with this spine-chilling collection. Want to start the countdown early? Here are the films you need to get you in the mood for all things scary.

Halloween (1978)

Although we feel like horror has its place all year round, it’s fair to say that Halloween is when it reigns supreme. This spooky holiday acts as inspiration for dozens of terrifying entertainments, from video game classics like Hugo’s House of Horrors through to daily jackpot slots like Lucky Halloween, which is sure to appeal to those with a love of the thrilling and chilling. However, no other genre draws more strongly from this celebration of all things scary than horror films, and Halloween is a prime example. Released in 1978, John Carpenter’s bogeyman slasher nightmare remains a classic to this day, so it’s no surprise it spawned numerous attempts to recreate its success. That said, the original will always be the best, largely thanks to the sterling performance of Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut acting role. If you like the idea of a masked psychopath, a teenage heroine, plenty of frights, and a shock ending, this is one for you.

Scream (1996)

Directed by Wes Craven, Scream gave a generation of teenagers nightmares. Following a group of friends as they’re gradually picked off by a masked and hooded killer who has an obsession with horror movies, this silver screen classic knows exactly how to evoke its titular reaction. It might have been a postmodern satire of 80s gore fests, but that doesn’t take anything away from its ability to frighten. One of those films you have to watch from behind a cushion, Scream is truly expert at terrifying its audience, so viewer beware. If you think you’re up to the challenge, then steel you nerves and prepare to look out for a host of familiar faces, chosen from the very cream of the 90s heartthrob crop. With David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Rose McGowan, and Drew Barrymore all starring, there’s some serious celeb watching to be done.

The Exorcist (1973)

The 70s was a golden era for horror films, and over four decades after its release, The Exorcist still has the ability to terrify. Many claim it’s the scariest movie ever made, and we can’t deny that they might well have a point. Central character Regan MacNeil is a 12-year-old girl who’s been possessed by a demon, and to say she’s horrifying is an understatement. But this is no cheap and cheerful scare fest. Oscar nominated, the film features mesmerising performances, poignant scenes, and action that will leave you loathe to close your eyes come night for fear of what might be lurking in the dark.
Tell us, isn’t it time you started prepping for the scariest night of the year? It’s never too early to scare yourself silly with a couple of friends and an abundance of junk food!