And here comes the latest Remake news. I recall that this was vaguely mentioned a few years ago, but sadly it’s now official: 1968’s classic Witchfinder General, which featured Vincent Price’s most chilling performance, is being remade. John Hillcoat [The Road, Lawless] is directing, Nicolas Winding Refn [Drive, Only God Forgives] producing, and Jon Croker [Woman In Black 2] wrote the script.

Says Hillcoat:

I am excited to work with fellow filmmaker Nic Refn, a maverick auteur and who, together with Rupert Preston, have been fully committed to independent cinema over the years. I’m drawn to the dynamic departures behind this remake. The idea of a world pushed to extremes where fear preys upon all, unleashing religious fanaticism, rival factions, tribalism, heretics, and witch hunts… feels strangely familiar in today’s world.”

Hillcoat and Refn are most definitely no hacks – hell, Refn has made some films I personally love – but I can’t help but feel that this is yet another unnecessary remake that most of us don’t want. It’s a fact that more of these remakes disappoint at the box office than succeed, but that doesn’t seem to stop filmmakers from continually trying to rehash old glories instead of coming up with something new.


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