So we had a Swamp Thing film in 1982, which I thought was pretty good, though it flopped big time despite having Wes Craven at the helm. A lesser sequel followed in 1989, to be followed by a 1990 TV series, a 1991 animated series, then another TV series this year that was controversially cancelled just a week into its first season despite getting a good reception. All is not lost though, because ‘We Got This Covered’ is reporting that Warner Bros. may develop a Swamp Thing film.

“The initial goodwill around the DC Universe series and the backlash against the cancellation seems to have inspired the studio to consider doing something with the character on the big screen. It won’t be a continuation of the show, however, and would feature a whole new cast, plus the involvement of producer James Wan”.

God, Wan seems to be “involved” in nearly everything right now. Rumours are also circulating that this will be a horror film, one of the reasons for the cancellation of the TV series apparently being DC’s unhappiness about WB TV’s transforming of the show into more of a procedural thriller. This sounds right up Guillermo Del Toro’s alley, though I guess he’s done this kind of story to death now.

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