It seemed to disappoint many fans of the book, but I frankly loved Danny Boyle’s 2000 film The Beach, so am intrigued that it’s probably going to get a TV prequel.  Speaking to ‘The Independent’, Boyle explained that:

“The Beach may come back. Amy Seimetz has taken The Beach and made a prequel for television. It’s the same character but it’s set now, so 20 years later – it’s a bit of a headf***. It’s intriguing when you see it. I’ve read the first two scripts.”

….which is certainly a little confusing when you think of it. It’s going to feature Leonardo Di Caprio’s character, but surely it won’t actually be about the “beach” if it’s a prequel? Of course shifting the time period from 1995 to 2015 or later could make the idea about the search for a hidden paradise taken on added resonance, seeing as the world has grown increasingly smaller and interconnected due to technology.


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