The Future of Resident Evil Amidst Remakes and New Chapters

Capcom is undoubtedly going through a very good period. The Japanese software house after a few years of crisis, especially on the creative part, is ringing a success after another and we are ready to bet, maybe with a Caesars casino bonus code, that they will try to continue to take advantage of the success of its most successful series starting with the most horror one, Resident Evil.

After the million-dollar sales of the second well-acclaimed chapter’s remake, what will be the next move? There is currently no official news, but according to the known insider AestheticGamer (also known on the web as Dusk Golem), which in the past shared credible information about the series, Resident Evil 8, which would in effect be the real new instalment of the franchise, has been postponed by Capcom. They decided to postpone its release pending the arrival of the next generation of consoles or Playstation 5 and the heir to Xbox One. However, the remake of Resident Evil 3 may arrive soon, or at least sooner than you might imagine. According to the insider, the launch window is set for January next year.

The Resident Evil 3 remake isn’t under development at Capcom, however, but is going to be assigned to an external team that the leaker calls “very interesting”: AesthethicGamer didn’t want to reveal the name of this team, but said that it’s not a bad thing. The team that worked on RE2 Remake would be working on a different project, not specifying if it’s something related to Resident Evil.

As Capcom itself admits, the demand from Resident Evil fans for a remake of the third chapter is very high, and Nemesis is a character who has remained in the collective imagination as well as the protagonists of the various chapters. After all, the engine that moves Mr. X in pursuit of the players in RE 2 Remake could be resumed and upgraded to follow Jill Valentine, and the gameplay in general does not need major changes to be able to take the role of the agent S.T.A.R.S. protagonist of the game. The construction of Raccoon City, in the same way, could follow what the artists of Capcom have already done with Resident Evil 2 Remake, and the construction of the map could even resemble a more contemporary open map or a big hub to explore with puzzles to solve and beautiful company.

Resident Evil 8 is the most difficult episode to imagine. The seventh chapter worked precisely because it was a breaking point, a surprise that intrigued the players. Could another first-person Resident Evil really work, with a slow, compact pace, with a “normal” protagonist and not a charismatic hero?

To find out more about the future of Resident Evil, all fans will probably have to wait until next June when, during the expected appointment of the Electronic Entertainment Expo Los Angeles, Capcom should finally unveil the more or less near future of one of the most beloved horror series ever in the world of video games since the 90s on Playstation One.