BREAKING: Myers to return in “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends”


Get excited Halloween fans, because its been officially confirmed that Michael Myers is coming back for not one, but two sequels to the 2018 semi re-boot!

John Carpenter himself, broke the news today, confirming that two films will be released, “Halloween Kills” in 2020 and “Halloween Ends” in 2021, with everyone back on board, Jamie Lee Curtis to return as Laurie Strode, with David Gordon Green back behind the camera and writing with Danny McBride.

Carpenter will once more deal with the music score.

The 2018 film was met with much critical acclaim and was a huge monster smash at the box-office, even though it was met with a mixed response between Halloween fans, some loving the fact that Myers was back to his best, while other unhappy with the sister angle being removed.

I myself, being such a Halloween fanatic is thrilled to get two more Halloween films, even though I am not completely sold of the title of each film.  Also, bringing Jamie back once more, makes the decision to get rid of the Brother and Sister link, a bit daft considering we now have to believe that this woman runs into this guy..4 TIME IN HER LIFE….

But hey, its Halloween….its Michael…and after seeing what Busta Rhymes brought to the table….I am just sooooooooooo Happy….

No news yet if Judy Greer will return, but I am guessing she will.


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