The more I think about Midsommar, the more I like it. It’s probably not as good as Ari Aster’s previous film Hereditary, and is certainly rather self-indulgent, but I can see myself watching it more often when I get it on Blu-ray – I loved the premise and the atmosphere and it seriously unsettled me. Anyway, the two film do share some similar themes, and, in an interview with ‘Bloody-Disgusting’, Aster talked about a possible connection.

“They’re spiritually connected inadvertently. I became aware of how they are connected while I was making Midsommar but it wasn’t by design. I realized ‘Oh, I’m making a film about family and making films that happen to feature cults that are very important to the story. But ultimately in Hereditary and with this film there is an attempt to have these things serve as both standing metaphors that don’t cease being metaphors, even as they are revealed to be very literal. And they’re designed to be taken totally literally. So for me, it’s my way of hoping to make a satisfying genre film that works as a genre film and at the same hoping to make something that can hold some allegorical weight without losing that by the end.”

Asked about his possible “thing” with head trauma, he replied:

“I don’t know. It may be best for me not to mine it, myself. But it’s a good question. People have brought it to me and it’s a very obvious thing that I somehow have not picked up on until now It doesn’t personally scare me, if anything there’s something particularly satisfying about taking a person’s head off or collapsing a head. I don’t know. It’s like there’s something visceral about it that, I guess, it’s when imagining a violent end, that’s a fun place to go for some reason. And If I think about other films that I’ve written that I haven’t made yet, there is more head trauma to come”.

Asked about any intention to make this a trilogy:

“I’m wrestling with two movies right now that I want to make. I don’t know which one I’m going to do next, and they would both fit into a trilogy if I decided to announce it as that.”

I can see him making the next film but keeping quiet as to whether it’s the conclusion of a trilogy or not. Let us make the connections if we want!

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