I seem to have a bit of a blind spot about Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI. It’s a firm favourite of many series fans including our own Ross Hughes, but I’ve never really understood the love for it [but then I really like Part V, so I’m probably certifiable]. Nevertheless, it’s both exciting and bloody frustrating to hear that, during an interview on a podcast called ‘The Pod and the Pendulum’, writer/director Tom McLoughlin has recently written a new Jason script, but because of the ongoing lawsuit over the ownership of the franchise which has not just prevented any official new films from getting off the ground but which has even halted all Jason-related merchandise, with the original film’s director/producer Sean S. Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller fighting over it – it’ll probably never get made – at least for the foreseeable future.

“For the last thirty-three years I have been asked so many times, will I do another Friday The 13th movie. I kept saying for years, ‘Well, if I can come up with another idea that’s fresh and I can bring something else to it, I’ll do it.’ And lo and behold, I finally came up with the formula of what I wanted to do with things about six months ago, and wrote the screenplay. Of course, now I’m stopped dead in my tracks with the lawsuit. So it’s like I can’t even show it to the studios or anybody. So it’s just come to a screeching halt. But that’s the irony, it took that long for me to come up with something that I went, ‘You know what? I would want to see this movie, as a horror fan and a Jason fan.’ I didn’t just want to do another one, I wanted to do something unique with it, but still staying within the structure and still staying within the parameters of what a Friday The 13th is.”

Come on Sean and Victor. Sort it out. Us Jason lovers would like to see your creation stalking the big screen at least one more time before we die. Given the popularity of the new Halloween, NOW seems like a Really Good Time.

Dr Lenera
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