It hasn’t been that long since I previously posted about Paul W. S. Anderson’s frightening sci-fi horror film Event Horizon. Back then, it was because details of some of the footage excised due to horrified preview audiences had come to light. And now it’s because it’s the latest in the increasingly long line of movies to get a TV series. This one’s coming from Amazon and Paramount Television, and directing it will be You’re Next and Blair Witch’s Adam Wingard. Wingard has a lot of fans, though I can’t say I’m one of them, with The Guest being the only one of his films that I didn’t find to be poorly shot and put together. Nonetheless, the film Event Horizon contains a lot of stuff in it that could be developed, it hints at so much, so there’s still some considerable potential here. Let’s hope they get some good writers involved who will do this project justice.


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  1. Oooh, love Event Horizon but yeah, I can’t really say I’m a fan of Wingard’s style either. Still, I’ll give it a go

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