In these days of so much being remade, it’s rather nice to hear about a proposed remake that now won’t go ahead, especially when it’s An American Werewolf In London. One of the greatest of all werewolf movies still comes across as frightening, funny and moving today as it did in 1982, while the transformation special effects have yet to be beaten. So it seemed both bizarre and downright insulting that director John Landis’s son Max announced a while back that he was going to do his own version and even had a script ready.

However, ‘Screen Rant’ has posted the news that this project will now “probably” not go ahead due to eight accusations of sexual harassment against Max, which have resulted in nobody at the moment wanting to work with him. It’s not quite a definite “no”, but it’ll certainly be some time before he’s able to make another movie again, if at all. And hopefully by then he will have lost interest in his hair-brained idea.


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